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          How does Wood Chippers Work

          Author:小編 Viewed:212 Publish data:2020-12-16 15:19:15

          Regardless of the size or make, wood chippers all function in the same basic manner. An internal engine, usually we take the electric motor. A gearbox uses pulleys and v-belts to connect the engine to a set of knives—the pulley enables the engine to control the speed at which these blades rotate, and the v-belt transmits the power from the engine. Internal gears within the gearbox also help control speed and power.

          Our wood chippers typically have a bottom chute/exit for processing wood. So user will bulid the output conveyor to carry the output chips to the stock pile.

          Based on the kind of blades/knives within the chipper, the user can determine the size and thickness of wood, the chipper is capable of handling, Typically, the larger the wood chipper model, the larger the load it can handle.

          The several blades/knives are rotating on disc or drum, the wood will be repeatedly cut down as they are passed through the blades/knives at a fast speed.