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          Love and hope, kindness and warmth

          Author:admin Viewed:222 Publish data:2020-12-17 13:45:58

                On the morning of May 22, General manager Mr. Tang  donate ¥60000 goods and materials on behalf of all the members of Jiangsu Datang to The Charity Association of Runzhou, Zhenjiang. The representative of Charity Association accepts the donations on site.  Some representatives of Carnations Huimin Service Center, the Guantang Senior Centre, The Jiujiu rehabilitation center and the Jinshan Senior Apartments their thanks to Jiangsu Datang.

                During the past decades of development, Jiangsu Datang staying true to our founding mission, and being committed to the public welfare programs, pay attention to local education and cultural development, contributing to society is the core of enterprise culture.

                Finally, We are particularly grateful to the cab divers of Zhenjiang Love car team for their helping.